Army Air Forces Combat Weekly Digest: July 10, 1944

Army Air Forces Combat Weekly Digest: July 10, 1944

Creator(s): War Department. Army Air Forces. 6/20/1941-9/26/1947 (Most Recent)
Series: Motion Picture Films from the “Combat Weekly Digest” Program Series, 1943 – 1945
Record Group 18: Records of the Army Air Forces, ca. 1902 – 1964

Production Date: 7/10/1944

Scope & Content: MILITARY FILM REPORT: Highlights activities. R.1: (1) ATTACKS AGAINST ITALY, MAY 1944. (A) SEZZE. A-36 strafes transportation facilities. (B) VELETRI. A-36 destroy enemy motor transport. (C) ROME. To north of city, A-36’s strafe truck convoy and near Tiber, shoot up another convoy. (D) CASTELLANA. Bomb and strafe motor transport. (E) BOLOGNA. B-25’s bomb Vergata bridge and rail line bridge that crosses Rhine River. (F) GENOVA. B-25’s bomb dock area and harbor. (G) PAVIA. 24 May, Tactical Air Force strikes city. (H) BOS KRUPA, YUGOSLAVIA. B-24’s bomb city. (I) BANJA LUKA. YUGOSLAVIA. 29 May B-24’s bomb German-occupied town. (2) ADMIRALTY ISLANDS PATROL MANUS ISLAND, MAY-JUNE 1944. Jungle patrol and cameramen from 6th Combat Camera unit patrol island and capture Japanese sergent major. R.2: STORM DAMAGE, UPPER ASSAM, 12 APRIL 1944. At air base in Tezgaon, India, inspection of gliders and planes damaged in rain storm. (4) OXYGEN APPARATUS, DINJAN, INDIA, 26 APRIL 1944. Demonstration of portable oxygen equipment built from atandard parts at Dinjan dispensary. (5) ATTACKS AGAINST (?) FRANCE, MULHOUSE, 11 MAY 1944. Liberators (B-24) escorted by Lightenings (P-38), Thunderbolts (P-47) and Mustangs (P-51) bomb marshalling yards. (A) 25 AMY 1944. Mulhouse freight yards attacked again. (B) 12 JUNE 1944. 8th Air Force B-24’s attack German installations. (C) 15 JUNE 1944. A-20’s of 9th Air Force bomb Lessay, highway and railroad bridges, and gasoline dumps near Valognes. (6) FIGHTER KILLS ON D-DAY E.T.O. [EUROPEAN THEATER OF OPERATIONS], 6 JUNE 1944. Gun sight aiming point (GSAP) camera record of activity over Europe.

Contact(s): National Archives at College Park – Motion Pictures (RDSM), National Archives at College Park, 8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001
Phone: 301-837-3540, Fax: 301-837-3620, Email:

National Archives Identifier: 5754
Local Identifier: 18-CWD-38

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