Best Ankle Exercises in Home Health Care

Best Ankle Exercises in Home Health Care

Learn the most important ankle exercises you can do when you are laid up. These are especially useful after hip or knee surgery. Check with your doctor to be sure they are for you!

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17 thoughts on “Best Ankle Exercises in Home Health Care

  1. My boyfriend was in a car accident on Jan 21, 2013 and had three screws put into his foot after his big toe was broken off. Can you please recommend some at home exercises to strengthen his foot and ankle? He is unable to do physical therapy due to lack of funds and insurance. Thank you!

  2. Hi Jane. You can Google "ankle exercises" or "ways to strengthen ankles" or something similar and find many options out there to help your boyfriend. There is so much on the web these days that he should be able to find more than enough information to help him out. Best in your rehab process!

  3. I had a trimalleolar fracture and dislocation of my ankle. I am now bearing weight in a boot, and need some good exercises to get in back, and going.

  4. Thanks for sharing the info, and Tippy too! I totally shattered my heel a week before I started school attempting to setup my classroom. I will be seeing my surgeon in another week to see if I can put pressure on my left heel. I have been stretching my foot up, but not in the other directions. My foot is still swollen by the toes, and if these exercises will help in getting that swelling down, I will be happy again!

  5. Thanx for sharing.. However I have a question.. I think I may have hurt my ankle whilst playing cricket.. I am a fast bowler and I seem to get a fair bit of pain/strain more so on the top of my ankle.. Do u have any suggestions as to wot ex revis

  6. In January I had surgery on my right foot due to bone spurs. Been in a cast for 6wks now I'm wearing the boot. Getting the run around from the insurance company regarding physical therapy which doctor recommended. Need some guidance in what I can do at home until I can get to an actual therapist.

  7. Yeah I got surgery done on my right foot last month now I'm in physical therapy hurts really bad but I know it's worth getting back to my normal self and watching a lot of these videos are helping with at home exercise as well and your cat reminds me of my cat esco all in the mix so cute

  8. got my ankle ligament surgery 10 days ago..removed stich dr. put back my hard cast again,and said come back after 10 days. when i got home i remove it…hehe..then i started to walk on it..the wound is just half healed..all my toes is still numb ..but i can walk on it.a lil bit painful.. is it not bad?

  9. Does this work for ankle sprains aswell? I've torn the ligament and I'm just over a week in recovery but I still can't walk properly without crutches and it's pretty stiff, will
    These help?

  10. I broke my ankle 2 years ago and I had a plate and 5 or 6 screws put in. My PT said to do these exercises everyday. I started but then I stopped for some reason but since I have calf retraction problems from the weak muscle I have to start doing these again probably a couple times a day. lol

  11. very helpful yes iam 4 weeks into recs from a trimalleor fracture of ankle in a aircast boot for 3 weeks now I do some of these nice and easy explication thank you and cute kitty tippy name serves him well

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