We made a pretty insane obstacle course behind my bike shop that involved everything from pallets, kiddie pools, car tires, a random tweaker on a curb, and 14 rolls of duct tape! The outcome was amazing! We all gave it our best shot, took some crashes but in the end only one person could be the champion! The scariest part of the course was the final jump that involved a jump over a concrete wall and a chain link using nothing but a couple scrap pieces of wood! Such an epic day and I can’t wait until we do part 2! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

This is Video About BMX OBSTACLE COURSE! for You :


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31 thoughts on “BMX OBSTACLE COURSE!

  1. I really enjoy these videos best bmx channel on youtube by far! and it's all clean which is awesome for kids! when you watch the come up bmx they all curse every 2 seconds and half of them talk about being on drugs! and that's why i believe this channel is so great cause none of that goes on here. I enjoy the come up but i don't enjoy people sippin lean and snorting drugs esp when most of the subs are kids

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