Can’t Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories

Can’t Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories

What do you think of when you imagine an American living in exile, unable to return home?

This is a profile of two Americans living in Canada who can’t return to the US because they’re unable to get health insurance. Kathleen was also featured on CBCs “The Current”:

This is Video About Can’t Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories for You :


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37 thoughts on “Can’t Go Home: Americans In Canada Share Healthcare Stories

  1. Funny I hear many say very conflicting stories especially with the waiting time, also to note both cases were of people who had severe cases and not semi severe or as immediate life threatening as other I've heard who waited a long time to have their conditions get way worse cuz it took to long. I will agree though that something in the US should be done for people with preexisting conditions and shouldn't be flat out denied

  2. Ok but not one person , our cousins realize they have no property rights at all !! So high taxation , high , this , high that , Canada has the most expensive residential land and homes in the western world , so why??? I take not pleasure in this but as someone here , David Goldfish said , THE USA PISSES MONEY AWAY ON MILITARTY, ok and he makes a great point. So in Canada , Miliitary is way less but then why is it that your taxes up there are so much greater than ours ??

    If we look at our Constitutions, you are all a Constitutional Monarchy and still Commonwealth of that MONARCHY , we so love to hate and despise ( has nothing to do with our cousins and other European cousins , we just hate control and government ) !

    So , the government loves to say we will take care of you but meanwhile it is the same people that all of you claim in a Capitalist country cause inequity in the USA , which is completely wrong , IT IS OUR GOVERNMENT which has been the problem all the long as it was constantly subverted by the SOCIALISTS .

    The Premier of Labrador / Nova Scotia elected to go to Florida for heart surgery , why is that , why do so many run to the USA? None of this is about a challenge or a WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU NONSENSE , this has nothing to do with it at all as I am sure all of you , some of you feel about us but there are other factors here that do make Healthcare high in the USA! A welfare system we were never designed to embrace , which is based off of European Socialism , was something we wanted to avoid and reject !! We pay illegals and legals lots of really nice welfare, other perks and such that we were lied to about !!!!

    Back to the constitution , we have rights, that are unalienable , personal rights, these organic , natural , God given , Unviersal rights , these can not be taken away, we recognize them , they are expunded about in our Declaration of Independence and in the Constitiona and Bill of Rights !


  3. Americans have a cactus up their ass about Canada's health care system for some reason. When a Canadian needs life saving surgery. The only thing they need to worry about is where they're going to find a parking spot at the hospital.

  4. I'm canadian and I'm not sure about these comments about wait times. luckily I've never needed much medical care but in my limited experience I went to my doctor in the afternoon, had surgery scheduled the next day. went to my doctor about a headache after hitting my head, was sent to the hospital for a CAT scan. I know people do have longer waits in canada than the US for elective surgeries like having your knee scoped or scraped. But urgent care is immediate. unfortunately there is a shortage of doctors and nurses because they tend to run to the states where they get paid big money. Some provinces charge a monthly healthcare some don't. My province doesn't, but when it used too it was $32.50 a month and if you ever need to go to the ER or Doctors office you just went. Now I don't pay anything and if I need to go to a Doctor I just go, and I've never had to wait for any procedures more than a day.

  5. I love how most people around the world say that Americans stick their noses in everything (I am an American) but waste absolutely no time in telling us how we should live. Canada has its own healthcare system and I say good for Canada, I would not change a thing. What I ask is the same consideration.

  6. I can still afford to go to the states. But I'm 68 and I have some health problems. I something flairs up I will get treated here in Canada but I likely won't be able to head to the U.S. to visit family. I hope the U.S. can move forward and take care of this inequity soon. Thanks for your video!

  7. So thankful you all got the treatment you deserved as people. Only the best wishes to you and all Americans. L'amour du Canada à nos frères Américains.

  8. now I know who is the culprit that holding up the Canadian healthcare line. Thank you for increasing my work load, used to be 1 to 4 patients, now 1 to 6.

  9. americans are so scared about comunism…the only good, working thing of this is in health care…everyone pays in, everyone gets some out. ..but neo Capitalism, Republican interests are about money. ..if u think ur System us democratic then u r wrong…dont be scared america. ..Check things out for ur self…dont believe what they told u…get rid of this wax of thinking

  10. Health Care, Education, Clean Water, Food, Sanitation, Law and Order, Defence are the responsibilities of a RESONSIBLE GOVERNMENT!

  11. Strangely enough, these stories represent Socialism to many Americans. Capital 'S' socialism is a governmental ideology that falls between Capitalism and Communism. Social programs have nothing to do with the political ideology.

    Ironically, social programs flourish in the US … social security, medicaid, medicare, schools, roads and highways, military, etc …

    Americans speak ill of surgical waiting lists in Canada. For serious injuries and disease, there is no wait at all. For elective surgery, there is. This is called triage. Try it … it works!

  12. 99% of what most Americans believe about our Canadian health care system is propaganda and totally false!We Love socialized medicine Claims of Wait times are blown totally out of proportion Plus there is the added bonus of not your home and retirement savings if you do get sick Kind of a nice touch!!! I just recently had severe back pain so went to one of the number of clinics in my city in Canada I waited 25 min for the doctor who determined that I likely have a kidney stone I was sent for an MRI which I had to wait 6 days for WOW! (Still have my home) the MRI took just 5 min24 hours later the results showed as my very competent doctor had determined I had kidney stone I went in for surgery 3 days later All went very well Cost out of pocket. $0By the way I have NO health insurance whatsoeverDid not cost me a nickel If like in France Americans would protest across the country for universal medical care they could get itWith enough voices joined Greed Of the health care providers in America is the problem I grew up in a home where I was very well $ provided for but When it comes to healthcare America has to stop thinking MEAnd think like we do in Canada (even the wealthy) and think. WE


  14. This sounds all peaches and cream, free healthcare, yay the government is going to pay for it, it's a basic human right to have health care, bla bla bla…. but what they are NOT telling you is, you have to give up your OTHER basic human rights in order to get it! And health care is NOT a human right, it's a personal responsibility! You are the only one who is responsible for YOU and YOUR health, unless you are a legal dependent and someone else is responsible for you. And what they DO NOT tell you is, when you sign away your personal responsibilities to the gov, you also are signing away your FREEDOM!

    Our basic human rights in the USA as described in our Constitution and BILL OF RIGHTS, we count as being given to us by God and God alone, and our gov, which governs by consent of the people, is only there to protect and defend us and these rights. As soon as you start getting into socialism, like Canada did since day one, then you start getting into a gov that controls your rights and TELLS YOU what your rights are, and which rights they say are only privileges, and which rights they are going to regulate and say who has them and who doesn't (like they are trying to do in the US now concerning our RIGHT to bare arms (which SHALL NOT be infringed upon), and who can say what where for how long and who's kids and property they can confiscate for what reason, and who can get away with what when and why, and it's just a BIG SOCIALIST MESS!!! And that's NOT what WE THE PEOPLE want!

    We had a great system before obama came with his socialist ideas and started passing all kinds of unconstitutional "executive" orders. No young person or old person was ever without basic medical care, and even people like me that couldn't afford insurance, were NEVER turned away. We could always get emergency care and there were lots of free clinics (which obama made illegal and had shut down, gee I wonder why?) who gave FREE care or for those that could afford it, a sliding scale fee. And back in the day before the gov started cutting back on human care and increasing more on warfare, we had county hospitals where ANYONE could come and get care.

    So it doesn't have to be all or nothing! The gov is pushing everyone into these single payer systems because that way they can unconstitutionally take over the private sector and get out of having to fund anything (like the old county hospitals which were funded by the COUNTIES through the various States which is how it SHOULD BE). The idea of FREEDOM, is that you don't have an all seeing eye, one federal agency that has control over ALL. That's what happened in Germany, and that's what you have in the UK and England which ONE Queen, ONE federated government that controls all. They control Canada, and now they nearly have control over America! And THAT'S what's BULL!

    People who want to live in a socialist Country should move to one and leave US alone and let us enjoy our freedom. Some of us would rather have our privacy and freedom and rights to due process and to be secure within our own homes and be able to defend ourselves and our families like the Constitution guarantees us! We don't want your Canadian form of government or Australia's. Look what happened in Australia. The gov confiscated everyone's guns and now they have no rights and no way of defending themselves. No thanks! Canada never had a right to bare arms. Some people have rifles for hunting, but it's not a RIGHT like in America!

    We value our RIGHTS and our FREEDOM, and we know that a single payer system is completely unconstitutional and a direct assault against our personal rights, and we don't want it. The only people who do are most often people who came here from another Country where they were taught to expect it as something they are owed to them, or people who were brought up to believe the gov owes them everything and they would gladly sell their personal freedom for a little bit of provision with the promise of protection. But those of us who know what freedom is, and the cost of it, would much rather pay for our own care and keep our privacy and freedom. And if the gov would just get OUT of trying to regulate and control it completely, it would go back to being affordable or free again! WITHOUT having to give away your personal sovereignty to get it!!!

  15. You've got no right to other peoples money and services, you pathetic piece of shit leeches, stay in communist Canada!

  16. It works both ways. I have a friend – Canadian – who fell in love with an American during her visits there and became engaged. She can never move there because she depends on the Canadian healthcare system because of her illness. She lives in Winnipeg – loves it there – but they have possibly the coldest winters in Canada – and he is at an age where he doesn't want to endure that kind of weather – so they won't ever be able to live together. Neither have the financial means to pay for her healthcare costs in the US. The bright side is that Canadians live on average 3 and a bit years longer than Americans…

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