CMS 50K Wrist Pulse Oximeter

CMS 50K Wrist Pulse Oximeter

FL500 / CMS50K Wearable SpO2/ECG Monitor integrated functions of SpO2, ECG and pedometer in one product.

CMS50K Wrist oximeter ECG monitor is a set of blood oxygen, pulse rate, ECG, pedometer in one of the smart Health Watch. Pulse oximetry is the blood concentration of photoelectric detection technology and volume pulse described technology together to achieve non-invasive continuous monitoring. ECG function of an expert in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, anytime ECG detection, easy to operate. Pedometer function Step 5 or more user identification number and count gait. : The instrument does not belong treatment equipment, only for anytime, anywhere oxygen, ECG, pedometer measurement and storage. Operation is simple, less demanding for the operator.

This is Video About CMS 50K Wrist Pulse Oximeter for You :


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