Future Of Scuba Diving

Future Of Scuba Diving

The Future of Diving Gear

Technological advances in diving equipment have made a giant stride in the last ten to 15 years. Many of the new gadgets on the market are the result of more of us dipping our fins in the world of extended range diving, coupled with extraordinary advances in personal computing devices.

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10 thoughts on “Future Of Scuba Diving

  1. I've always been fascinated by the idea of breathing liquid. The abyss was one of the first films that got me thinking about the world below the waterline.

  2. Those smart watches / phones will soon be able to tolerate 100m of water, it'll be nice to see them intergrade a dive algorithm & rid those expensive dive computers.

  3. dont anybody think this will take the fun of scuba diving ? Scuba diving is fun cuz of all the gear and formation required to use all this equipment , this is really advanced and cool inventions but I wouldnt clasify this as real "SCUBA" , sorry for my bad english

  4. It's fun to dream about how scuba tech will evolve, however I'm not sure that VR scuba will ever be able to replace the whole feeling of the real thing. I like to feel the weight of my scuba gear, I enjoy getting the equipment ready for the dive and I love coming face to face with the creatures I encounter.

  5. I'm loving the idea of dive masks with a HUD and the idea of a built in HD camera would be great to give me a second perspective when filming my videos. Cheers, Q.

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