‘Home Health Aides from Hell’

‘Home Health Aides from Hell’


Poor Background Checks, Absence of Fingerprinting Requirements Place Millions of the Nation’s Elderly in Danger


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The following news reports were also filed in the state of New York in 2014.

On April 2, the Bronx division of News 12 reported that Maria Milano, who worked as a home health aide, “had been charged with 13 counts of assault, two counts of welfare endangerment, and harassment after allegedly abusing Isabel Sosa. Sosa, 76, suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Sosa told her son, David, that Milano would repeatedly knee her side, hit her legs, choke her, and left a lump on the back of her head.”

On September 11, the New York Daily News reported…. “A 99-year-old Staten Island man was still living at home, headed toward his 100th birthday — until hired home health aides “killed my father,” the man’s distraught daughter says.

“Disturbing surveillance video captures the horrific abuse inflicted in the months before Peter Mazza’s death this summer.

“His family members say aides working for the Nurse Service of New York and Partners in Care were hired to provide round-the-clock care for the ailing, elderly man — but instead the aides were negligent and abusive, leaving the man to fend for himself after one April fall that left the man with fractures and head injuries, the suit claims.

“He died in a nursing home weeks later, after deteriorating at a hospital. Mazza never had a chance to return to his Oakwood home on Montreal Avenue, where the grandfather to 13 spent 47 years raising his five children.”

Jack Halpern is the CEO of the New York City-based My Elder Advocate, LLC. As its name suggests, the organization provides advocacy services and helps seniors with issues such as eviction prevention, nursing home and hospital crisis intervention, nursing home or assisted living placement and long term care planning. Mr. Halpern joins me to explain why abuse by home health aides has reached a crisis point in New York, as well as other sections of the country, and what can be done to address the problem.

The interview was conducted at My Elder Advocate, LLC’s office on March 9, 2015.

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5 thoughts on “‘Home Health Aides from Hell’

  1. JUNE 14, 2:30 P.M. (EST)


    I cannot confirm if my episode "Home Health Aides from Hell" or the email I sent to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had anything to do with this major development, but I'm happy action is finally being taken to try and end elder abuse in New York State. I just received the following from the attorney general's office.

    CRACKING DOWN ON MISTREATMENT IN NURSING HOMES – In an effort to curb the neglect and mistreatment of nursing home residents, the Attorney General arrested four nurses from Woodmere Rehabilitation and Health Care Center for allegedly failing to properly monitor a disabled patient. The nurses allegedly falsified documents to indicate the resident had been monitored every thirty minutes—as his physician had requested. Yet these nurses allegedly failed to do so, causing the patient to fall while unattended, where he sustained injuries that required hospitalization and was found on the floor the next day suffering from respiratory failure. There is no tolerance for nursing home employees who fail to provide the appropriate care to the residents they are responsible for, especially as they are some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

    ENSURING THE SAFETY OF NURSING HOME RESIDENTS – The Attorney General arrested LPN Christine Peckey for allegedly failing to administer medication to four residents of Mercy Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility and for falsifying medication records afterwards to indicate otherwise. The medicine that was to be administered was still in their packs even after Peckey had confirmed in the Medication Administration Records that she had provided the patients with the medication. Nursing home residents should receive adequate and competent care from their caretakers and the Attorney General will continue to work to ensure that they are safely cared for.

  2. This video is wrong.  NYS DOH requires PCAs/HHAs working for a licensed or certified home care agency be background checked and fingerprinted. It's the private hires that are a problem, they are not regulated or supervised.  Do NOT hire privately, hire through a home care agency.   We do a DMV check, references, fingerprints and drug screen. We also supervise our aides monthly in the home.

  3. Maureen Burger,

    That cannot be compared to just private hires. Agency and facility hires can hire a bad apple aswell. I have worked privately many times and the family did a background check. They can also do dmv checks, etc. Families hiring privately can check for and request the same things a agency or facility can and make a determination from there.

  4. I did home healthcare for 6 years and the Private Pay Clients that I worked for was clean and decent. But them Clients on Medicaid and Medicare was nasty and they had other people just as nasty as them living in the home with them and they are worrisome as hell too. I have took care of some crazy ass clients that was on Medicaid and Medicare. I will never do Home Health again. Terrible job.

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