How To Start A Non Medical Home Care Agency

How To Start A Non Medical Home Care Agency

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24 thoughts on “How To Start A Non Medical Home Care Agency

  1. Hi Michele. I'm just starting out. I have not applied for my license yet. However, I printed out the application, filled it out and I'm going to submit my application today. For years I have worked as a Medical Assistant/Certified in home caregiver. This is a good pay career but very unstable. I have been researching online. I want to start my business from home. When is your next class? I need to get this ball rolling as quickly as possible.Help!!! God bless you for helping others get started.

  2. Hello Michelle my name is Delilah and I am interested in starting my business in the Houston and Austin areas but I don't know where to start. I've been in healthcare for about 14 years but it's on the billing and insurance side not the actual care side. I would really like more information about where to begin.

  3. can I start just as an nonmedical LLC and work independently without hiring employees. I am not D.A.D.S verified. Where does this leave my coowners?

  4. You certainly have the energy and mindset. I am selling my agency have been in human services since 2007, but you certainly have the personality for this industry.

  5. Hi Michele I'm very interested in opening up my own health care agency in North Carolina. I just need help!!!!!

  6. Hi Michelle my name is Keanna and I am looking to start a non medical home health agency in Atlanta GA.
    I am really interested in learning all I can about this business. Could you show me the ropes?

  7. Hi can you email me more helpful tips I'm really I've been googling information for months I've been for months info on where to start but i really would love to hear it from someone that's doing it and i can speak to about so i can get a better understanding on how to start it up.thanks

  8. thank you for doing this, I subscribe to your chanel, and I look forward of working with you, I am also looking into starting my own home health care business, right now I am just getting educated in the business, and your the right person for me to learn.

  9. how may I find services that you offer for someone who is trying to start up but have absolutely no idea on what to do and where to find all the information

  10. Hi Michelle my wife and I recently bought a home and have been wanting to start a Non Medical Home Care Agency for quite some time. We've been in the nursing field for over 8 years I know business like these are booming. Where do I start?

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