How To Start a Successful 6 Figure Home Care Agency. My REAL Checks!

How To Start a Successful 6 Figure Home Care Agency. My REAL Checks! and
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Learn from a professional who can show you the money! Why spend thousands on a home care franchise when I can walk you step by step through the process.
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23 thoughts on “How To Start a Successful 6 Figure Home Care Agency. My REAL Checks!

  1. Hi mitchel how are you I would like to start anone medical home care business  to take care of the the adult or children, I have being in the health care over 27 years and would like to do my own. please help me. Thank

  2. hello, i was wondering if anyone can tell me how do i come up with pricing for my homecare agency.. non medical

  3. Hi there. Is this staffing for non-medical home care only. I'm interested in having my own Personal Care Home and I need start up information. Can you help me or give a referral. Thanks in advance.

  4. I have been a cna for over 16 years and I'm ready to own my own business. Can you please show me how to get started

  5. Hello Michele I recently went back for my CNA I have my nursing assistant certificate but did not take my state test. I also have an Healthcare Administration degree (associates). I must state I had my CNA back in 1994 but let it expire can I still start my own business without going to take my state test.

  6. Hi Michel,thank you for all your information. I have a question regarding one of your samples. So for the first client, you mentioned you gave him a service of 24 hours,7 days a week,then the money that you charged him (like $ 3000 and something ) you get paid for a week for one client?
    I work as a CNA in WA state and here to have your own Nursing Home you need to have at least a CNA license,however I see that Nursing home requires more work than a Home care agency where I used to work. Do you need to also be CNA or Register nurse to have your own Home Care Agency ? Thanks 🙂

  7. Hello,I heard you say on one of your videos that you are from New York.I reside in New York, so you're probably familiar with the economic structure here oppose to the southern states.My question is, do you think it's more challenging to start an adult day care in New York than in a southern state?

  8. hi I live in Massachusetts and been looking for someone to give me information about what so I need to start a non medical agency , if you tell me who I need to call here would be great, I want to start my own company , 857-615-9419. thanks

  9. You shouldv'e named ur vid "All the checks I got from my home buss" Also if you're making soo much, Why are you charging people who are trying to get into the buss, Sounds like Greeed, Anyway God Bless you!!! DONT bother to reply!!!!!!!

  10. Hey, thanks for being so open and sharing good ideas with us. I am in New York and I want to start my own home care agency- non medical, but how do I get clients? how easy was it for you to put your name out there and how did you do it? what is your background, nurse, or?
    Thanks a lot

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