Hypoxia video Lesson about needing oxygen

Hypoxia video Lesson about needing oxygen

Hypoxia video webm 720p
Shawn and other children like his buddy Luna need oxygen in their infant pediatric years. Shawn maybe in his first 3 years of life, but he’s gotten this far with the simulation of being able to maintain a good level of oxygen. To let this happen , he needs a Mobile (battery) #PortableOxygenConcentrator (POC) or E tank ( a smaller tank than those of scuba divers) that have BCD to ensure the level he needs to control his oxygen intake. This video about Hypoxia will explain what happens if the children or those who’s neurology issues need a reminder to have more and intake more oxygen.

The State of Hawaii makes it hard for traveling parties with Hypoxia, as the inter island airlines like Hawaiian Air, doesnt take personal tanks of oxygen. An mobile portable oxygen concentrator is needed. Mobile means its portable but battery operated. Portable means its portable but needs a plug and is quiet large. Oxygen Concentrator is a device that filters and purifies the room air. Pediatric Oxygen Flow Meter that children use help the concentrators , like Tank BCDs, to regulate oxygen lower than 1 mL. As the children get older they might not need the POC, they may have a Portable one to keep at home for its fundamental price gouge to oxygen tank deliveries. But for now its hard for them to have a Mobile POC long term, to save even more finances and time or process to achieve a simpler way to travel over seas to the only Women and Children Specailized Hospital in Hawaii called Kapiolani Medical Center. This hospital also has more equipment to cover most hospitals and clinics in Hawaii , to have the only specialized medical recipients in the Hawaii to provide for disabled or special needs children and families; and have to pay -out -of -pocket for a POC (roughly $150 each trip with doctors having specify days to offer service ), is greatly disturbing for the SoH policy in their Social Advocating Medical System to push that insurances not cover this life sustaining machine.

We could have 8 appointments a day at this hospital or any other facility with the surgeons or follow ups needed, that is started with a 4:30am wake up call to catch a 6:30am flight to make an effort to complete this enduring task with over 60 -100 lbs of items just for continuous life support. Ending the day at 8pm , being the arrival off island is just at the airport parking lot is sad to say ( you may still have to drive 1-2 hrs to get home for dinner like we do.)

This Hypoxia video by Osmosis explains the process of what our children go through and others alike. The consequence in “normal people terms” is brain cell loss leading to lower brain activity and death.

We are about being natural in Hawaii, but we are also about discovery and sustaining life. We are using the tools we have in our time, as did our ancestors and their tools of their time. We knew surgery. So my family accepts surgery. Hypoxia we are going to beat you.

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This is Video About Hypoxia video Lesson about needing oxygen for You :


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