I Cut Open an Oxygen Sensor or Two 1990 Accord Update

I Cut Open an Oxygen Sensor or Two 1990 Accord Update

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I Cut Open an Oxygen Sensor or Two 1990 Accord Update

This is Video About I Cut Open an Oxygen Sensor or Two 1990 Accord Update for You :


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28 thoughts on “I Cut Open an Oxygen Sensor or Two 1990 Accord Update

  1. Hey thanks for cracking them open , always curious to see what's inside of the sensors and any electronic parts in a car..hopefully you can crap open all the parts in a car..thanks bro.

  2. That engine surge is from a idle air control valve. that is too open. my 90 integra is doing that surging idle again too.

  3. Hello Brian, Love your videos man! Not sure if you already got the Accord fixed or not but just thought I would give you some insight on the 90's Honda "loping idle" issue. Honda's unlike many different vehicles around that era chose to control excessive idle by cutting power to the injectors when the ecu sensed that the idle was too high and then back to normal once the rpm dropped enough. So basically that is the final cause for the loping, power to injectors, no power to injectors, etc. However what caused your idle to get higher than what the ecu expected is where your solution lies. Could be a faulty/dirty idle air control valve (both hot and cold I believe this year accord has), Any vacuum leak past the throttle plate (sometimes just a dirty throttle plate itself), and another one which is usually uncommon is a air bubble sitting by the coolant sensor(the one by the coolant inlet, not the one under the distributor). For vacuum leaks on those nightmare older cars I just take hose pliers and pinch one line at a time. Hope this helps brother. Keep up the great work!

  4. In traditional soldering applications, the solder was meant to provide a seal around an already good electrical connection, therefore stopping deterioration. A crimped connection which is then soldered would be ideal, ….not just dipping the wire right into the solder!!!!!! That is a weak joint.

  5. Thanks for the 02 sensor bisect. Do/Did you notice anything different from mfg to mfg of O2 sensor. How do Bosch/Denso/Delphi/etc compare?

  6. With the voltages so low, I always worry that if you change the lengths of the wires to the O2 sensors, you will throw off the readings. What are your thoughts on that?

  7. Any suggestions on how to get an oxygen sensor loose on a chevy blazer? My neighbor heated it and still it is froze/rusted solid.

  8. What am I missing here? I just do not recall seeing any previous videos that Brian mentioned on this car! I looked at all the recent videos posted and I see no Honda Accord anywhere.

  9. hello…I have a 2002 gmc envoy…I have to change the lifters…do u have any vids on this..can u tell me how many lifters I need…an info would be awesome ….thanks

  10. Awesome video Brian. I always wondered what was inside this device. I just wish the oldies were easier to remove !!!

  11. also make sure you set the base idle.. its got a procedure for it… the base timing has to be done with the service plug jump

  12. also remove the iacv. idle air control valve and give it a good clean…. main causes for idle surge on these honda's are….1. air in coolant. 2. fitv out of adjustment. 3. vacuum leak… sometimes you cant hear them on these cars….. 3 dirty iacv. 4. base idle not adjusted correctly. 4. base idle is wrong.. base idle is done with the service connector jumped

  13. I've grown up and had my share of oxygen sensor headaches. I cant understand why they conti ue to use this way of managing emissions and have done nothing to advance this area. Rather, they have increased the complexity by adding more catalytics and oxygen sensors (some cars have FOUR).

    Imagine the benefit to figuring out how to simplify the system of oxygen sensors.
    1. It would benefit the consumer as it would reduce all this hassle and cost.
    2. It would improve the environment.

    Maybe a laser diode can replace the O2 sensor. Those are cheap in comparison. A laser light would measure the composition of the exhaust gasses. Then when you have degradation, you just flip a switch and it cleans the sensor and BAM you are back on the road.

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