Juli Manley, LPN — Maxim Healthcare’s 2014 Central Region Caregiver of the Year — Staffing

Juli Manley, LPN — Maxim Healthcare’s 2014 Central Region Caregiver of the Year — Staffing

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Julie Manley, an LPN here at Maxim Healthcare, exemplifies what a caregiver is supposed to be. With her own battles, including a traumatic car accident in the past, her goal was to change the lives of others and become a nurse.

Here positive attitude and caring nature is displayed each time she attends to an eight year old boy who is confined to a wheelchair. Despite the limitations, Julie managed to break down the barriers for her and her patient to participate in the bowling event at the Special Olympics, where her patient one first prize.

Her trust and strong compassion for her patients is what drives Maxim Healthcare to the top. Congratulations, Julie.

Take a look at Maxim Healthcare’s other Caregiver of the Year videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRTtDcHD0UM&list=PLqNTS9LzjYZF8-JkNgji8p1ZC5gPQwV7w

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