Nurse Rachet giving home health care to Grandma

Nurse Rachet giving home health care to Grandma

Norman calls Green Pastures Inn to get home health in the home for Grandma.

This is Video About Nurse Rachet giving home health care to Grandma for You :


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45 thoughts on “Nurse Rachet giving home health care to Grandma

  1. Norman might need some medication for "hag" aches ! glad to see that your up and moving hope that all is going well !!! take care !

  2. @IreneK43 I am so glad that you and Steve got to get together. I know long distance relationship are so hard. I think the nurse forgot to take Norman because he is still here or he refused to go with her. Miriam is a RN. It is hard to explain. I was there all through her life. She is like a daughter. Her mother is my best friend. She said that she was happy to do it. I am glad that you both enjoyed the video. Hugs to you both.

  3. lol I think nurse Rachett is the nurse from " one who fly over the cookoos nest ?
    and omg did you really have knee op? bless you sorry im back home and missed ever ones life,
    run and hide Norman your going to be carted off you the mental home !
    your friend was so cool in helping out with video is she a real nurse


  4. @PalmOliveSoap You are right. that was the name of the nurse in one flew over the cookoos nest. 😛 Yes I had an arthroscopic surgery on the 3rd of November. She either forgot to take him with her or he refused to go. 😛 Yes, this is Miriam. She is like a daughter to me and she is a RN living in Pennsylvania. It's about a 23 hr drive, I believe. Sprinkles to you as well.

  5. That was great !! That Norman! Trying to get you sent away. Your nurse was very nice, that's great she stayed with you and took care of you. Glad your getting better:)

  6. It looks like you are doing good after your surgery. But goodness that Norman is wanting to get rid of you!!! I hope they take him back to Green Pastures so he will not aggravate you anymore. That nice nursey will take good care of you!! So glad you are recovery well Becky!! Hugs!

  7. Its nice to see you getting some work out of Norman for a change, I would be afraid of his cooking too! LOL

    Bravo! Your nurse did a great job:-)

  8. It looks like you are feeling better. This came out really good. that was your "daughter"? she did a great job 🙂

  9. @Irishtankgod Leave things to Norman, no don't. 😛 Yes Norman will always be Norman. Yes we do have our crosses to bear, that is for sure. Thanks Hugs.

  10. @1DRock37167 BVD thinks that this Norman is an impostor, maybe he is since this one works. 😛 No, Grandma doesn't want any of Norman's cooking, that is for sure. LOL Thank-you. This is Miriam and she is an RN. I have known her all of her life. She is like a daughter to me.

  11. @angelgirl2001 I am doing a lot better. Thank-you. This is Miriam and she is an RN. I have known her all of her life. She is like a daughter to me.

  12. Becky, I don't know how you think up this stuff, but I sure am glad you do. I'm at my sister's taking care of her – she had knee surgery yesterday. I see 3 incisions; and they are really bruised. I hope she heals as well as you seem to. Hopefully, she's getting a little better care; she's certainly nicer to us about it.

  13. @thizizliz The key to get moving as soon as possible. I don't know if the told you to have have her move her feet like she putting on the gas peddle. You do 10 about once every hour or two. I did it when I thought about it in between. Also as she is in bed have her bring up her leg towards her body as many as she can 3 times a day. I did 10. My heart goes out to her because I know it is not fun. Miriam, which is like a daughter to me helped me tremendously. She is a RN as well. Keep me updated.

  14. @DearestBecky thanks so much – yes, they gave her those exercises too. We even had her outside for an hour today, but mostly she's in the recliner, but getting up every hour for wander around the living room. I think she's doing quite well. She asked me to tell you thank you for the tips by the way! Hugs.

  15. @DawndeeDALLAS I think she forgot to take him with her because he is still here. It is possible that Norman refused to go with her, you know how ornery he can get. 😛

  16. @onewomanandsomesongs Thank-you, Janet. Norman is poor alright. I don't know what he would do without Grandma's money. 😛

  17. @msorsini71 Nurse Rachet is probably very flattered but I know she is married and has 6 children.I don't believe that she would be available to help you out as she has a job and she takes care of her family. Thank-you.

  18. Norman shame on you oaky you are a youtuber start I should treat you as one but why did you not help grand ma love you anyway love gran more hahahahaha

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