Oxygen Clyinders

Oxygen Clyinders

Provided by Helping Hands Home Medical of Buford, GA. This is an instructional video on regulators and conservors for oxygen cylinders. Always remember that there should be NO SMOKING OR OPEN FLAMES around any type of oxygen equipment.

Regulators and Conservors attach to the tanks in the same manner. Once you have the regulator or conservor in your hand, locate the two small pins on the inside of the regulator or conservor and align them with the two small holes on the valve of the oxygen tank. This is the only way that they will attach to the tank. Remember to screw the handle tight to create a good seal.

Regulators are a constant flow of oxygen.

Conservors only deliver oxygen when the patient inhales.

Conservors can work fine on a larger tank(E), but Regulators are not recommended for smaller tanks (M6).

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This is Video About Oxygen Clyinders for You :


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