Patient-Centered Care – The Medical Home Model

Patient-Centered Care – The Medical Home Model

A patient-centered medical home (PCMH) might sound like a place, or somewhere you’d go. It’s not. It’s a long-term, team-based approach for your primary health care.

Pioneering healthcare organizations, including Cleveland Clinic, are already using this approach in patient centered care and family medicine practices. The patient-centered medical home model coordinates care for you — whether you’re being seen at the doctor’s office, if you become hospitalized, or are recuperating at home — through ongoing preventative care.

This is Video About Patient-Centered Care – The Medical Home Model for You :


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2 thoughts on “Patient-Centered Care – The Medical Home Model

  1. This was a great video until Dr. Fredrick said the primary care physician was the captain of the ship. The patient is the captain, thus the term (patient,P) PCMH. I've never met a physician that was afforded the time it takes to be a captain which is certainly not the physicians fault…financially speaking.

    A better educated and out of the office supported patient has a much better chance of a better outcome. 

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