PLC portable oxygen filling machine fresh air filling machine

PLC portable oxygen filling machine fresh air filling machine

CJXH-1600DT is a new design automatic gas filling on the base of 1600D.Microcomputer (PLC) programmable control,photoeltricity sensing. It consisted of 1 set vacuum crimping machine &two sets gas fillers Use the screw bottles pusher instead manual work. It has two working model:manually intermittent filling and automatic intermittent filling,intermittent time is adjustable,very flexible and efficient. Manually insert the valve before crimping.

Vacuum Crimping machine The crimping head is mainly used to seal on the corrected and pressed valve with internal expanding mode. It needs to finish two steps respectively. Firstly, the pressure cylinder presses valves on the opening to make the valve rubber gasket flatten against the opening,usually the compression is 0.2-0.3mm.Then, the pressure cylinder sends a signal to inform sealing cylinder to operate. The capper is fast, reliable, steady and easy to adjust sealed diameter and sealed depth manually without any tool.

Gas filling machine :Two gas filling stations are composed by two independent filling machines. gas filling machine has fully absorbed the advanced filling machine technology from the Swiss Pamasol Company. so as to accelerate filling speed and accurate measuring. The measuring cylinder of inflator is made of 304 stainless steel materials. The processing techniques and precision are the same as the measuring cylinder of filling liquid machine. The seal rings of inflator adopt CFRP skeleton rings of tetrafluoroethylene produced by American, which located in U-groove with stainless steel reeds inside. When seal rings are normally worn in long-term operation, the outer diameter of seal rings will automatically compensate due to the function of reeds..

Technical Parameters´╝Ü
Vacuum crimping speed 600-800cans/hr
Applicable can diameter 35-80mm
Applicable can Height 60-350mm
Vacuum degree -0.05Mpa(tin can)
Gas filling speed 600-800/hour/nozzle
Max gas filling volume Max 750ml (take water for example)
Max20L (Take compressed air for example)
Filling accuracy ┬▒0.03Mpa
Max air consumption 1.2m3/min
Applicable Gas Oxygen, compressed air,nitrogen, CO2
(Oil free)
Dimension 1500*900*1700mm

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