Telemedicine, a new model for health care delivery – the comfort of home

Telemedicine, a new model for health care delivery – the comfort of home

Learn how an efficient telemedicine program from Philips and Banner Health allows people to receive high-quality health care from the comfort of their own home.

At Philips, we’re here to deliver innovation that matters to you. Others may focus on what innovation does. We focus on what it does for you.

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“”Telemedicine, a new model for health care delivery – the comfort of home”” video transcript:
HELEN MCCURDY: I’m comfortable, are you comfortable?
RALPH MCCURDY: Yes, I’m comfortable sweetie.
HELEN MCCURDY: I like Sun City. It’s a nice community. Our grandchildren come over here once a week. We have a couple of good friends that we like very much.
RALPH MCCURDY: In our age group, these are the things that are important.
When we first met, he was just a friend. Nothing serious. He took me to a football game and gave me my first kiss.
RALPH MCCURDY: Don’t go overboard, now. Without communication, Ralph and I could have never survived the 64 years.
TITLE CARD: The Comfort Of Home: Phoenix, USA
DR. EDWARD PERRIN: We know that the top 5% of patients in any system use a lot of resources. Time, money, people, you name it. Philips and Banner are partnering to take care of the sickest of the ambulatory patients. We hope that we will be able to provide the support that they need to allow them to continue to live out their days at home.
HELEN MCCURDY: Ralph’s not very good at taking his own blood pressure, so I take his blood pressure every morning. But he gets on the scale, weighs himself. And then he goes to his little video. I’ll learn to say ‘tablet’ one of these days. At first we were a little hesitant about all of this equipment, but as it was explained to us by people from Banner iCare and from Philips, we reached a point where we felt comfortable with it. Today I would be lost without it. I’m just happy to be home with Ralph. To be able to talk to a doctor on a video, and we don’t have to wait two or three days for a doctor appointment. It’s fabulous. If I have an emergency, all I do is push a button and there’s somebody at Banner iCare there for me immediately. Dr. Perrin called us today on our tablet.
DR. EDWARD PERRIN: How are you?
HELEN MCCURDY: Oh, we’re doing very well.
HELEN MCCURDY: He wanted to know how we felt, and he recommended a couple of things.
HELEN MCCURDY: I mean, this is the kind of care that Ralph and I have never had. I mean, it’s amazing!
DR. EDWARD PERRIN: This is the future. It’s really an amazing model of care that doesn’t exist anywhere else yet. When I have a team of people augmented by a lot of Philips technology, I can catch things earlier, treat things earlier, and intervene in a way that allows me to accomplish what I set out to do as a geriatrician, and then ultimately to do some good in these patients’ lives.
HELEN MCCURDY: I’m just thankful that we joined Banner iCare and that we have Philips equipment here. We’re married 64 years, I can’t say we’ll have 64 more years, but…
HELEN MCCURDY: Yeah, we’re trying.

This is Video About Telemedicine, a new model for health care delivery – the comfort of home for You :


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4 thoughts on “Telemedicine, a new model for health care delivery – the comfort of home

  1. Philips, advancing with Telemedicine along with Banner iCare.  How wonderful for those who have difficulty with mobility while also saving time during a crisis situation!

  2. This is so good to hear. When I get older (God willing) this service will mean so much. For the elderly people it's a task just to get anywhere.So if they are able to have doctor visits from home and have prescriptions delivered to them too, lots of people will benefit from this. Whoever invented this type of program is a genius. I love to see people helping people, it really touches my heart.

  3. Awesome… the value of telemedicine is tremendously important… safer care, efficient care and transparent care that is cos effective! Imagine that!

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