Who chooses my home health care provider?

Who chooses my home health care provider?

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Today we’re talking about finding the right home health care agency for you. You have the right to choose your home health care provider. Your doctor may make a referral, but you can ask for any agency you choose.

Before selecting a home health care provider, you can do research online to compare them. Some questions you might ask are:

• How soon can the agency start caring for me at home?
• Will they stay in touch with my doctors and pharmacies, to avoid any gaps in care?
• Will I have 24/7 access to a nurse for questions or health concerns?
• What programs do they have to help with my specific health challenge?
• If my care needs change, does the agency offer additional services or pain management options?

You might also get advice from family, friends, medical professionals, and other people in your community about home health care providers near you.

That’s all for this segment. For more information about home health care and how Residential Home Health can help, visit http://residentialhomehealth.com/, or call 855-282-4855 to speak with a nurse about your specific situation.

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